Yamaha Star Venture vs. Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager

Yamaha Star Venture Vs. Vulcan Voyager Kawasaki

Touring bikes are great for long distances. They are packed full of fun, and most of them come with numerous features to keep you entertained along the way. We will compare Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager in today’s comparison and see which one will come out on top.

Touring bikes are equipped with plenty of power. They have big engines, and they can take up a lot of weight as well. They are heavy, so they will not be great performers when it comes to maneuvering and handling tight corners. But these bikes are fantastic when you ride them on highways because they are built for such roads.

Yamaha’s Star Venture (top speed: 77 miles an hour) and Kawasaki’s Vulcan Voyager (top speed: 82 miles an hour) are well equipped for long journeys.

But how do they both compare with one another? We are going to find out all about it in this article, so keep reading.

Industry History


Yamaha is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world today. And the company has managed this feat in a brief period. This is primarily because of the engineering efforts that the company put into each of its bike models. And Yamaha has consistently been producing high-quality motorbikes with remarkable aesthetic features as well.


Kawasaki is among the top brands globally and is well known for its reliability and performance. These bikes are equipped with big engines, and they are packaged with a lot of power. Kawasaki was one of the first brands to enter the US market with a lot of Asian success. It continued its progress with innovation and has produced quality rides for its consumers.

Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager – An Overview

The Venture 2021

The Venture by Yamaha is one of the best touring bikes in the world. The company has equipped it with a powerful V-twin engine with a 1954cc displacement. It can run along with a top speed of 77 miles an hour, and you can cruise along on it with a comfort that is second to none. The company has upgraded its suspension and brakes from the previous model, and you will get more horsepower.

The Voyager 2021

The Voyager 2021 also features a V-twin engine, and it comes with a 1700cc displacement. Its top speed is around 82 miles an hour, but there is a sweet spot at about 75 miles an hour if you cruise it in fifth gear. This touring bike is among the flagship runners by Kawasaki and equipped with integrated luggage.


Comparison Chart

FeaturesYamaha Star Venture 2021Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager 2021
Fuel and vehicle typeGasoline touring bikeGasoline touring bike
Fuel tank capacity6.6 gallons5.3 gallons
Engine typeAir-cooled V-twinLiquid-cooled V-twin
Maximum power90 HP @ 4500 RPM73 HP @ 5000 RPM
Maximum torque126 lb-ft @ 2500 RPM107.6 lb-ft @ 2750 RPM
Seating capacity and type2, dual stepped2, dual stepped
Seat height27.4 inches28.7 inches
Weight~963 lbs~895 lbs
Gear transmission6-speed slipper wet clutch w/ multi-plate assist6-speed upbeat, neutral finder w/ overdrive
Front and rear suspensionThe 5.1-inch telescopic fork and 4.3-inch mono-shockThe 5.5-inch telescopic fork and 3.1-inch swingarm w/ air assistance
Front and rear brakesDual hydraulic disc w/ ABS and single hydraulic disc w/ ABS4-piston caliper dual disc w/ ABS and 2-piston caliper single disc w/ ABS
Front and rear tire size130/70R18 and 200/55R16130/90R16 and 170/70R16
Wheelbase67.3 inches65.6 inches


V twin engine of Star Venture and Kawasaki Vulcan

Let’s begin our discussion on this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager with the engines. The Star Venture is equipped with a V-twin OHV air-cooled engine which is pretty powerful. However, the OHV engines have much more moving parts as compared to the traditional OHC engines. Therefore, these engines need more maintenance and care

On the other hand, the Voyager also features a V-twin engine which is liquid-cooled OHC. It needs maintenance and care, but there are fewer moving parts, so it will be less of a headache than the OHV engines. Plus, the liquid-cooled engines are better in terms of performance, especially when riding in extreme conditions.

Therefore, we will give this round to the Voyager because it has much better performance and reliability in extreme conditions. The Venture is no wiener in this department, but the Voyager still outperforms the Venture and takes a slight lead.


Now let’s talk about the overall weight of these bikes in this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager. This round will go in favor of the Voyager because it is much lighter than the Venture. The Voyager weighs around 70 lbs lighter than the Venture. With less weight to deal with, you will handle the bike much better on tight corners.

But on the highways, there are not many tight corners, so you might not consider it a significant difference. However, with lighter weight, you will reach better speeds, which is why the Voyager has more top speed than the Venture.

Nevertheless, you need to consider that the Venture does come with a pretty big fuel tank, too, if you compare it with the Voyager. The Venture has a gallon bigger fuel tank as compared to the Voyager. It means that you will have to go through lesser refills on your way to the Venture.

So, considering both the bikes have their pros and cons when it comes to weight, we have decided to mark it a tie between the two. This is because some people prefer bigger fuel tanks for maneuverability and handling.

Suspension and brakes

suspension of Kawasaki Vulcan and Star Venture

Now, let’s talk about the suspension and brakes in this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager. The Venture comes with a telescopic fork on its front end, which can deliver 5.1-inch travel. This bike has a mono-shock with preload adjustment on the rear end and manages 4.3-inch of travel.

On the other hand, the Voyager comes with a telescopic fork on the front end, but it can manage 5.5-inch travel better than the Venture. But its rear swingarm suspension with twin air assistance can only manage 3.1-inch travel. So, the rear suspension is much better on the Venture.

And you will feel the difference when you have fully loaded the bike as well. The Venture had to go with a better suspension to better handle and ride comfort with more weight. So basically, both bikes come with the right kind of suspension according to their specs and configuration. However, with that being said, you will feel fewer bumps on the Venture as compared to the Voyager. So, a flatter surface is a must for the latter.

The Venture features dual hydraulic disc brakes on the front end and a single hydraulic disc brake on the rear end when it comes to the brakes. The Voyager has mechanical disc brakes on both ends, so the Venture will lead here because hydraulic brakes are much more efficient than mechanical disc brakes.

You will have to apply more pressure if your bike has mechanical disc brakes. So, the Venture has a superior stopping power than the Voyager. So, this round will favor the Venture due to its better suspension travel and ride comfort and superior brakes.


Ergonomics of Star Venture and Kawasaki Vulcan

Let’s further our discussion in this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager and talk about ergonomics. Both the machines are highly ergonomic and comfortable to ride on long distances. Both bikes have extremely easy-to-reach handlebars as well as footpegs.

But the Venture has a much more relaxed seating as compared to the Voyager. It has a more feet-forward seating position as camped in the Voyager that has a much upright sitting. If you haven’t had any foot-forward seating experience, you might have to get used to this kind of style. But with the Voyager, you won’t have to worry about any transition issues because its seating is much more upright and conventional.

But there’s a catch here as well! With a feet-forward sitting position, you will find it challenging to sit on the bike and drag it with your feet if you are a tall person. However, you will feel much closer to the ground while riding due to the bigger wheelbase, which puts you in control.

The Voyager has much more upright sitting, so its seat height is higher. But it does have a shorter wheelbase, but the difference is not there much. But the size of an individual is not a significant matter here. So, this is a slight advantage that Voyager has over the Venture, and so this round is going to go in favor of the Voyager

Looks and aesthetics

Looks and aesthetics of Star Venture and Kawasaki Vulcan

The top of looks and aesthetics is more subjective, and different people have different choices. For example, if you like a much relaxing sitting style, then the Venture is the right option for you, but the Voyager will be a better option for those who prefer an upright sitting position.

Similarly, when we talk about aesthetics, the Voyager is a more traditional-looking touring bike and black. The Venture has a much more contemporary look with white color, making it slightly different from those traditional touring bikes.

If you are more fond of the traditional looks, the Voyager is the better option, but the Venture is the better choice if you are looking for more modern trims. We are going to leave you here and decide which one is going to be for you.


This is a huge distinguishing factor between these two bikes in this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager. The Voyager is significantly less priced as compared to the Venture. The Venture comes with a more powerful engine, and it also has better displacement and far better riding comfort.

It also has a much more modern look than the Voyager. And for all these features you will have to pay more. There are various other special features in this bike as well. These include the likes of the integrated infotainment system, Yamaha’s Sure-Park system, fully adjustable ergonomics, luggage locks, smart key function, and so much more.

On the other hand, the Voyager doesn’t come with all these features, which is the primary reason it is much more suitable for traditional riders who don’t need much infotainment, hence, a significantly lesser price tag. 

Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager – The Similarities

Fuel and vehicle type

The Venture and the Voyager are powered by gasoline, and they both feature a similar V-twin engine. The only difference is that the Venture has an OHV engine which requires much more maintenance and cares. But both the touring bikes offer a tremendous amount of ride comfort.

Gear transmission

Both these touring bikes come with 6-speed gear transmission and its manual. The difference, however, is that the Venture comes with a wet slipper clutch with multiple assistance. The Voyager, on the other hand, features a positive, neutral finder with overdrive.

Seat type and capacity

Seat type and capacity of vulan voyager and star venture

Both these machines come with a sitting capacity for two people, and they both have a dual-stepped design. The only difference between these cycles is that the Venture has a much more feet-forward sitting style while the Voyager has a much more upright position.

Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager – Pros & Cons

Yamaha Star Venture 2021


  • It’s a modern-looking bike with a feet-forward sitting position.
  • The bike is equipped with a big fuel tank of 6,6 gallons.
  • This bike has full entertainment features onboard.
  • It features a robust suspension and braking system.


  • The Yamaha Star Venture is a pretty expensive bike.

Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager 2021


  • The Voyager has a more traditional look.
  • It is much more affordable than the Venture.
  • It comes with a much more traditional sitting position.
  • The bike has one of the best cruise control features.


  • The fuel tank of this bike is not that big.


The winner of this comparison of Star Venture vs. Vulcan Voyager is the Yamaha Start Venture. This bike is pretty powerful and comes with plenty of infotainment options for the modern rider. On the other hand, the Voyager is much more subtle in its approach and is better suited for classy-looking traditional touring bike lovers.

If you are looking for more features and facilities, then the Voyager is the right choice, while for more road performance, the Voyager is the better alternative.

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