Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250

Suzuki RMZ 250 Vs. Kawasaki KX 250

Dirt bikes are great for performing stunts and playing around on loose soil. They are lightweight and are great when it comes to superior handling and cornering. They have thick tires with tread, and not only do they provide you with some thrilling off-road experience, but you can also enjoy some high-flying action if you are skilled enough.

The two dirt bikes that we are going to talk about here are Suzuki RMZ 250 and Kawasaki KX 250. Both these bikes are pretty much the same. Still, some features differentiate them both from one another, and we will explore them all in this ultimate comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250.

So, let’s begin with the industrial history of each of the brands here.

Industry History


Suzuki is one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world. It has been producing quality rides for different types of users all across the globe. Since its inception, the company has made sure it continues to produce high-performing rides for its consumers at very comfortable prices. Apart from that, Suzuki has also taken part in different championships throughout its history, and the results are quite impressive.


Kawasaki is one of the first international brands ever that entered the US market. That happened not very long ago, and still, the company has become one of the top names in the motorcycle manufacturing industry.

Kawasaki is well-known for its powerful engines and reliable performance. It is among the leading brands in the industry, and it has been on the top right from the word go.

Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 – An Overview

The RMZ 250 2021

The RMZ 250 is a wise choice for all professionals and amateurs. This dirt bike is ready for a battle as it combines a race-ready and sleek appearance with a highly responsive chassis and versatile engine. This bike is all about superior performance because the engineers at Suzuki have developed it with the philosophy of “run, turn, and stop.” This bike is all about superior handling.

The KX 250 2021

The KX 250 is a champion machine that allows you to do well wherever you go on the dirt to ride it. Designed to be extremely light, this machine is all about high-flying action. But that doesn’t mean you will have to modify it to get some traction. This machine is everything that a dirt bike needs to be and makes your ride extremely comfortable whether you are riding for the first time or are a professional.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesSuzuki RMZ 250 2021Kawasaki KX 250 2021
Fuel and vehicle typePetrol dirt bikePetrol dirt bike
Fuel tank capacity6.3L6.2L
Engine type4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder, liquid-cooled4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Seating capacity and typeDouble, standardDouble, standard
Maximum power39.6 HP @ 12,500 RPM36.3 HP @ 11,500 RPM
Maximum torque18.9 lb-ft @ 9,600 RPM18.6 lb-ft @ 9,100 RPM
Front and rear suspensionInverted telescopic fork and single unit preloadInverted telescopic fork and uni trak preload
Front and rear brakesSingle rotator disc brakes (both ends)Semi floating dual-piston petal disc and single-piston petal disc
Front and rear tires80/100-21 51M and 100/90-19 57M80/100-21 51M and 100/90-19 57M
Wheelbase58.46 inches58.46 inches
Seat height37.5 inches37.4 inches
Ground clearance13 inches13.2 inches
Weight233 lbs237 lbs
Gear transmissionConstant-mesh 5-speedWet multi-disc 5-speed


Dirtbike engine suzuki vs kawasaki

Let’s begin our discussion comparing Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 with their engines. There is not much difference between these stunters as they come with a 249cc 4-stroke engine with liquid-cooled DOHC technology.

They also come with dual injector-type fuel injection systems with semi-dry-sump lubrication.  However, there is a slight difference between the two dirt bikes here, and that is the RMZ 250 features a primary Kickstarter with an automatic decompressor.

Whereas the KX 250 comes with an electric digital DC CDI ignition system. Therefore, for those who like to go the traditional way, the RMZ 250 is the better option, but if you don’t like the conventional Kickstarter, you should choose to go with the KX 250. But we are going to declare this round in favor of the KX 250.


Let’s talk about weight in this comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250. Again, both these bikes are almost identical in their dimensions, and their weight also matches closely. The KX 250 2021 only weighs about a few pounds more than the RMZ 250 2021. The difference is 4 pounds, so we think this is not much of a difference.

But still, when you are looking for some high-flying action, you will notice the RMX 250 is slightly better than the KX 250 because it weighs a few pounds lesser, but there is only a slightly noticeable difference between the two. So, this round goes to RMZ 250 but only by the slenderest of margins. And this bike also has an advantage because it has a bigger fuel tank than the KX 250.

Suspension and brakes

SUspension and brakes of dirt bikes

Next up on this comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 is suspensions and brakes. And this is the area where these two bikes slightly differ from one another.

Suzuki’s front suspension on the RMZ 250 dirt bike is an inverted telescopic fork with adjustable damping and oil-damped coil spring. On the rear end, this bike features a single unit with an oil-damped coil spring and link-type damping force with adjustable spring preload. This type of setup is excellent when it comes to comfortable riding.

On the other hand, the KX 250 also features an inverted telescopic fork with rebound damping and adjustable compression on the font. While on the back end has a new unique track suspension system with adjustable compression damping and preload and rebound damping. This system contributes somewhat towards the overall weight of the bike, which enhances its comforting ride.

When we talk about the brakes, the RMZ 250 features simple disc brakes on both ends. The KX 250, on the other hand, comes with a semi-floating dual-piston petal disc brake and single-piston petal disc brake on the back end.

This configuration also adds some weight to the overall rig. But this round belongs to the KX 250 as it is much more superior in terms of performance. But when it comes to self-maintenance and repair, the RMX 250 is a much better option.


Ergonomics of suzuki and kawasaki dirtbikes

Let’s discuss ergonomics in this comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250. Both the machines come with almost identical designs and appearance. There is not much difference between the two, but there are still some. As we have mentioned earlier, the KX 250 is slightly heavier than the RMZ 250, but it also has a much better suspension system and brakes installed.

The bikes are quite comfortable riding with the handlebars nice and easily accessible along with the footpegs. Both the bikes come with a similar wheelbase of 58.46 inches. The difference is in the seat height, where the KX 250 is lower but still has a better ground clearance than the RMZ 250.

Therefore, you will notice both these bikes are slightly different from one another in terms of dimensions, but the difference is almost negligible.

And while some of them prefer to go with a lighter RMZ 250 but others would like to go for more ground clearance, better suspension, and stopping power of KX 250.

Aesthetics and looks

Aesthetics and looks of dirtbikes

The next aspect in this comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 is that we will shed some light on his appearance. But again, this factor will not differentiate these bikes from one another in terms of shape and design. They are almost identical, and the KX 250 only has the better ground clearance and less than half an inch. Apart from that, there is not much difference between the two.

The RMZ 250 2021 comes in a yellow hue and is race-ready. On the other hand, the KX 250 comes in a lime green color and ready for some high-flying action. But you will only have to choose the winner in terms of your color choice, which is highly subjective.

There is not much difference in the design, and you will only notice that the RMZ features a Kickstarter with disc braking while the KX 250 comes with an electric starter and an upgraded braking system. The rest is all pretty much the same in both the machines. So, we will leave you to decide which one of these machines suits you better.


Despite being better in terms of suspension and brakes, the KX 250 is better than the RMZ 250. But it still comes with a slightly lower price tag. So, in terms of pricing, you are definitely at an advantage when choosing the KX 250 over the RMZ 250.

And there is a slight difference between the price tag as well. But if you love to perform your maintenance and repairs, going for the RMZ 250 would be a better option. So, care and repair will be easy if you go for the RMZ 250 2021.

Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 – The Similarities

We have listed the points above; you will notice many similarities between these two models than differences. They are almost identical in terms of looks and appearances, and they match each in terms of specs and performance. In this section, we will highlight some of them for your convenience.

Fuel and vehicle type

The first common point between these bikes is, they run on fuel and are dirt bikes. Therefore, you can conveniently run them on loose soil and trails. But these bikes are designed to handle different terrains with pretty good ground clearance.

Engine and performance

Both these bikes feature a 249cc DOHC liquid-cooled engine that is built for power. Suzuki and Kawasaki are well-known for their reliable engineering. The only difference is, the Kawasaki KX 250 features electronic ignition, while the Suzuki RMX 250 comes with a Kickstarter.

You will also notice a slight difference in terms of performance and the RMZ, which is slightly lighter, but the KX has a much better road grip and stopping power, so you may ride more confidently.

Gearing system

Another point that is similar in both these rides is they come with 5-speed gear transmission. The only difference between the two is the RMZ 50 features a constant mesh gearing system, while the KX 250 has a wet multi-plate gearing system.

You will notice that the wet multi-plate will be smoother than the constant mesh, but the constant mesh is much easier to maintain and repair. So, they both have pros and cons, and it’s up to you which one do you want to choose.

Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 – Pros & Cons

Suzuki RMZ 250


  • Excellent for self-maintenance and repair.
  • Much more conventional in assembly.
  • Great cornering and maneuverability.


  • Kickstarter ignition.
  • Slightly expensive.

Kawasaki KX 250


  • Good ground clearance.
  • Robust suspension and brakes.
  • Electric starter.



In our opinion, the winner of this comparison of Suzuki RMZ 250 vs. Kawasaki KX 250 is the Suzuki RMX 250, especially if you consider that its long-term maintenance cost is almost none. But that will only be the case if you know how to take care of your dirt bike. Therefore, if you have already owned different dirt bikes, owning the RMZ won’t be any other, and you will be able to maintain and repair it on your own.

On the other hand, the KX 250 comes with a few upgrades in brakes and suspension, but its maintenance and repair aren’t going to be a piece of cake like the RMZ. And if you don’t know much about these, you will spend more on maintenance and repairs. So, the RMZ 250 turns out to be a bigger money saver in the long run.

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