MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs MV Agusta F4 1078 – An Overview

Superbikes are something that has never gone out of style ever since their creation in the early 1900s. The very reason behind that is there’s nothing better than riding these out on the open road with the wind in your face. These bikes satisfy your need for speed and prove to be some of the most reliable transportations. There are a plethora of superbike manufacturers available out there, producing some of the finest bikes year after year. One of these manufacturers is the makers of the MV Agusta Series. It enjoys repute in the world for putting out some of the toughest superbikes like the two we will be discussing today, i.e. the MV Agusta F4 1000 S and the MV Agusta F4 1078. Let us now compare MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs the MV Agusta F4 1078 to see which one is in the lead, so to speak.

Any superbike aficionado can tell you that these two bikes have been making waves in the superbike community so let’s see what makes them so special. Furthermore, find out what makes them so unique from each other.

Industry History

Ride MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs MV Agusta F4 1078 and enjoy the top speed on roads

Having produced one of its first bikes in the 1940s, MV Agusta has firmly established itself in the motorbike world. With countless yearly sales and decades of racing wins under its belt, this Italian-owned company has been making waves since its beginning when it was an aircraft manufacturing company. MV Agusta has been mass-producing some of the most aggressive and exciting superbikes available on the market.

In 1999, MV Agusta introduced the Gold F4 Series; this series was able to obtain the attention of over one hundred trade publications. Not only that, but it also garnered the attention of some of the most well-known personalities like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie and many more. This was partly because of its aesthetics and primarily because of its fantastic speed and superior handling.

And now, after all these years, MV Agusta still has plenty of fans all around the world. As recent as 2020, they released a modernistic fusion bike with some vintage touches. Now that we know a bit of MV Agusta’s history, let’s discuss MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs MV F4 1078.

MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs the MV Agusta F4 1078 – An Overview

MV Agusta F4 1000 S

Know all about the MV Agusta F4 1000 S in this article

The F4 series has always been a favorite among motorbike lovers, and this has a lot to with the fact that these bikes deliver what they promise.  Not only do they offer you a more comfortable ride than a lot of the other bikes, but they also provide a lot in terms of power. This bike provides you with more of everything, whether its horsepower or even torque.

Despite knowing all of this about this bike, the speed it gives on the road still takes you by surprise, which is precisely why a bike like this is perfect for racing. It has all the characteristics needed to be the ideal racing tool and can give many other bikes a run for their money.

This1000cc bike has a top speed of about 297.6 km/h but is a bit heavier when compared to other bikes. Its dry weight is almost about 190 Kg, considerably more than some of the lighter bikes we see nowadays. In addition, it is a great bike in terms of construction as it is one of the only four-cylinder bikes made with a precision TIG welded steel-tube girder structure. This is smart not only because it offers more mechanical access but also due to its more compactness.

MV Agusta F4 1078

Find out cool features of MV Agusta F4 1078

This is another four-cylinder bike from the F4 series that is great for both speed and daily commute with its 1078cc. If you’re used to lighter bikes, then it’ll take some time to get used to this bike. You’ll need to be patient when trying to maneuver it as it’s not only heavier but also much faster. The speed tends to take most people by surprise if they’re not forewarned. But apart from the speed and weight, the seat of the bike also takes some time to get used to.

Especially if you have ridden the more comfortable F4 1000 S bike, then you’ll know the difference between the two. But what 1078 lacks in comfort, it more than makes up for in reliability and builds. The manufacturing of this bike is superb and offers you a seamless start and a smooth ride.

Comparison –


Both of these bikes feature a four stoke transverse four-cylinder, with four valves per cylinder. And the cooling system for both of these bikes is liquid-cooled. The maximum torque for F4 1000 S is 109 Nm, while the max torque for the F4 1078 is 124 Nm. And the horsepower in the F4 1000 S is 122 kW, while in the F4 1078, it is 140 kW.


There is not much of a weight difference between the two bikes; both are comparatively heavier than their contemporaries. The MV Agusta F4 1000 S weighs 190 KGs while the MV Agusta 1078 weighs 192 KGs, not that big of a difference between the two in that regard.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesMV Agusta F4 1000 SMV Agusta F4 1078
EngineFour-stroke, transverse four-cylinder.In-line four, four-stroke.
Redline (RPM) 1270013000
Dry Weight190 kg192kg
Max Torque109 Nm124 Nm
Max Power    166bhp190bhp
Compression Ratio12.0:113.0:1
Fuel Tank Capacity21 liters19 liters


find out the characteristics of both variants of MV Agusta

When speaking of ergonomics for these bikes, we’ll be addressing comfort and handling. Although it is initially a bit difficult to get used to these bikes, the ride after that is smooth and easy. The F4 1000 S is very comfortable thanks to its clip-ones, which are both re-angled and adjustable.

Furthermore, it embraces adjustable foot-pegs, which makes things much more manageable. The F4 1078, on the other hand, has a stiff suspension, which means it makes your ride a bit punishing until you get used to it.


It is no doubt that the MV Agusta F4 series was designed not only for its speed on the road but also for its aesthetics. These bikes are made from some of the best materials, and it shows in the finishing. These bikes are both a joy to ride and very appealing to look at.


The MV Agusta F4 series is well-known to be a bit on the more expensive side and, as it should be, being one of the most exclusive bikes.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have a bit of basic knowledge about both of these bikes let’s take a look at each of the bikes’ pros and cons.

MV Agusta F4 1000 S


  • It has a very ergonomically inclined design.
  • It is very aesthetically designed.
  • Offers you a lot in terms of speed.
  • The chassis is very impressive.


  • It weighs more than some of the more modern bikes.
  • It is a bit on the pricier side.

MV Agusta F4 1078


  • Very aesthetically pleasing bike to look at.
  • Its engine operates smoothly and seamlessly.


  • Not suitable for taller riders.
  • It has a stiff suspension, making it a bit uncomfortable.


The winner against the MV Agusta F4 1000 S vs MV Agusta F4 1078 is undoubtedly the MV Agusta F4 1000 S. Not only because of its ergonomically inclined design but also due to its overall easy handling. It offers you everything in terms of speed, a smooth engine, torque, horsepower, and lastly, looks.

The MV Agusta F4 1078 might provide you with a bit more of these things, but it won’t help you much if the bike you’re riding is difficult to maneuver in the first place.

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