Kawasaki z900 vs Yamaha MT 09

Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 – Which One Is Better and Why?

Both Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 roadsters have changed dramatically in recent years. You won’t see those traditional-looking pan-head-styled motorbikes on the road anymore. They are more a mix of sports bikes and trails now. They have become increasingly powerful over the years, with more models for their street legality.

This is because modern consumers not only look for style and performance but speed as well. Therefore, a more versatile ride in terms of speed and comfort can deliver such goods where modern roadsters come in.

In this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09, we will discuss the two finest motorcycles by the top-selling brands on the market.

So, let’s begin!

Industry History


Kawasaki z900

Kawasaki is one of the top brands on the market, and it has been consistently producing quality rides for consumers. The company has appeared numerous times as the fastest production motorcycle manufacturer with so many models under its belt.

It has been producing bikes for various competitions as well. So, you are looking at a brand that has achieved so much in so little time. Kawasaki was the first international brand in the US not very long ago, and now it’s one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world.


Yamaha MT 09

Yamaha rose to fame and popularity primarily due to its focus on various finishes to its consumers. The color options available in Yamaha bikes are not available in other brands. This option with a powerful engine and durable construction allows Yamaha to become one of the world’s top motorbike sellers.

In terms of looks and aesthetics, these bikes are second to none, and Yamaha has taken the lead over its competition in this area. Yamaha has also been making motors and electronics in other areas in addition to motorcycles.

Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 – An Overview

The Z900

The Z900 is a naked bike or a roadster, and it runs on petrol. It comes equipped with a 948cc inline-four 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine. Therefore, it can deliver powerful performance and comes with a top speed of 157 miles an hour. The bike features a 6-speed constant mesh transmission system with a disc braking mechanism and a 17L fuel tank.

The Z900 is designed for solo rides and is exceptionally comfortable, even for longer riding sessions. It has a very ergonomic design, and the handlebar and the footrest are placed to ride it for as long as you want.

The MT-09

The MT-09 is a roadster with a powerful 847cc inline-three 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine. It can reach up to a top speed of 140 miles an hour and features a 6-speed constant mesh transmission system just like the Z900. The bike is equipped with a 14L fuel tank and is equipped with a dual-disc braking system too.

This ride has a more traditional construction than anything else and has been remodeled for the modern consumer base. One of the best features of this ride is that it’s incredibly lightweight to handle, and maneuver for anyone is simple.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesKawasaki Z900Yamaha MT-09
Fuel and vehicle typePetrol roadsterPetrol roadster
Fuel tank capacity17L14L
Maximum power125 HP @ 9500 RPM115 HP @ 10000 RPM
Maximum torque98.6 Nm @ 7700 RPM88 Nm @ 8500 RPM
Seating capacity and typeDual plainDual stepped
Weight~463 lbs~414 lbs
Gear transmission6-speed constant mesh6-speed constant mesh
SuspensionTelescopic fork front and horizontal back-link rearTelescopic forks front and mono-shock swingarm rear
BrakesDouble disc front and single-disc rearDouble disc front and single-disc rear
Wheelbase57.1 inches32.3 inches


Kawasaki and Yamaha Motorbike engine

Let’s talk about the engine performance in this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09. The Kawasaki Z900 is equipped with an inline-hour liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with 16-valve DOHC. The Yamaha MT09, on the other hand, is equipped with an inline-three liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine.

Kawasaki Z900 can manage a top speed of 157 miles an hour with its 948cc, while Yamaha MT-09 can go up to 140 miles an hour with its 847 speed. It’s nothing out of the blue as inline-four engines are more powerful than inline-three engines. So, the winner in this round is the Kawasaki Z900.


Now let’s briefly discuss the overall weight in this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09. The Kawasaki Z900 is equipped with a bigger engine, and it is capable of producing more speeds. Therefore, it is going to weigh much more than its competitor.

It weighs around 463 pounds; on the other hand, the Yamaha MT-09 weighs around 414 lbs. So, performance and speeds will favor the Z900 while handling and maneuvering on MT-09’s side. The Z900 is also very capable of easy handling, but it will be a bit more troubling for shorter and skinnier riders. So, this round goes to the Yamaha MT-09. 


Suspension of honda and kawasaki

Let’s talk about both these bikes’ suspension systems compared to Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09. The Z900 features an inverted telescopic fork that comes with a wheel travel of 4.7 inches. On the rear end, it features a horizontal back-link that has wheel travel of 5.5 inches. This highly responsive front and rear suspension absorbs the shocks during a bumpy ride and puts you in control over sharp turns.

On the other hand, the MT09 features a telescopic fork front suspension with 5.4-inch wheel travel. Its rear end features a mono-shock swingarm suspension with 5.1-inch wheel travel. Therefore, the MT09 is much better in terms of suspension because it offers a much more balanced wheel travel on both ends.


In terms of ergonomics in this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09, the Yamaha takes the lead of Kawasaki because it is much easier to handle and maneuver due to its lightweight and very approachable design.

Its handlebars and footrests are nicely placed, and you can use them for longer rides too. You won’t feel any vibration during the ride, no matter how long you’re riding.

However, the Z900 is much better for seating comfort overall. Its seat is more comfortable, and you won’t feel any fatigue after riding on it for a longer riding session.


Kawasaki and Yamaha motorbike asthetics

Let’s talk about the looks and aesthetics in this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09. This one has to go with Yamaha because all of its models come in different colors and finishes. You can choose anyone motorbike according to your preferences and liking.

Kawasaki is usually the least favorite when it comes to color options and finishes. There are not many color options available apart from one or two. But the Z900 series is equipped with some aggressive styling. The position lamp, LED headlamp, and license plate lamp give the supernaked-z900 a dashing look.

Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 – The Similarities

Fuel and vehicle type

Both these machines run on fuel and are roadsters. Therefore, several other features will be similar in both these models as well. The fuel consumption of both these bikes is about the same as well, and so is the overall ride experience.

Braking system

Motorcyle brakes

These machines are also equipped with similar braking systems, including a dual disc brake on the front end and a single disc brake at the rear end. These brakes provide your bike with incredible stopping power during high speeds. The pressure brake mechanism and the ABS become active in situations where machine behavior becomes unsettled due to an unavoidable panic braking.

Gearing system

Both the machines are equipped with 6-speed manual transmission with constant mesh. So, gearing shifting and operation are going to be very similar on both these rides. This gearing system is quiet, and it’s also a lot less likely to damage the gear teeth during shifting.

Added features

Apart from that, the bikes are also equipped with LED light systems and turn signals. The electronics and controls are pretty easy to access and use, and the overall seating position is upright, which keeps you comfortable during your travel.

These machines are equipped with power. They also provide you with maximum riding comfort and smooth acceleration due to the use of a high-end traction control system.

Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 – Pros & Cons

Kawasaki Z900


  • Extremely comfortable to ride
  • High traction control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent stopping power


  • Slightly heavier.

Yamaha MT-09


  • Different finishes are available
  • Easy maneuverability and handling
  • Lightweight design
  • Brilliant stopping power


  • It could have come with more displacement


When it comes to the roadster, Kawasaki and Yamaha’s motorbikes stand out. The winner of this comparison of Kawasaki Z900 Vs. Yamaha MT-09 is the Kawasaki Z900, especially if you are looking for speed and performance. The Yamaha is much better in terms of maneuverability and handling with different color options.

Both the machines are excellent when it comes to overall performance. It’s all about your personal preference and choice.

However, if you are looking for a more traditional ride revamped, you can go for the Yamaha. The Kawasaki is for more solo rides than anything else.

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