honda CB300R vs BMW G 310 GS

Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS – Best Commuting Motorcycles

In this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS, we will find out which one will come out on top and which of them has what to offer to its commuter.

Commuter bikes have become popular in recent times because more people are commuting longer distances. A bike is an affordable option for many as you won’t have to deal with any traffic jams on the road.

Two of the best modern-day commuter bikes are the CB300R 2021 by Honda and G 310 GS 2021 by BMW. Both bike manufacturers have a long history and are considered to be among the best in the world. In this post, we will compare them and see who is the ultimate winner.

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Industry History


Honda logo

Honda has been producing motorcycles since the 1950s, which was when it became the largest motorcycle producer globally and continues to be the same to this day. The company garnered a lot of success in a short period. And it has continued to produce quality products for its consumers.


BMW motorbike logo

BMW has also been in motorcycle production since the early 1900s. Recently the company has focused on this area even more. The brand is well known for its quality across the globe. It also faces very little competition in terms of performance and reliability.

Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS – An Overview

The CB300R 2021

The CB300R 2021 by Honda is a quality petrol commuter that is very lightweight and ergonomic. It means that it’s an ideal choice for handling and maneuvering.

But besides speed, it also comes with strong stopping power due to its ABS disc braking system. It is one of the most comfortable commuters available on the market.

The G 310 GS 2021

The G 310 GS 2021

The BMW G 310 GS 2021 is a commuter that focuses more on speed and agility. If you like to run errands and commute, you need to go for this bike with 313cc displacement. It also has plenty of stopping power due to its ABS disc braking system. It features a larger fuel tank as well.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesHonda CB300R 2021BMW G 310 GS 2021
Fuel and vehicle typePetrol commuterPetrol commuter
Fuel tank capacity10L11L
Maximum power30 HP @ 8000 RPM34 HP @ 9250 RPM
Maximum torque27.4 Nm @ 6500 RPM28 Nm @ 7500 RPM
Seating capacity and type2 and dual stepped2 and dual stepped
Weight~324 lbs~374.8 lbs
ChassisDiamond type frameTubular spaceframe
Gear transmission6-gear manual chain drive6-gear manual chain drive
Front and rear suspensionUpside down telescopic fork and mono-shockUpside down telescopic fork and dual swingarm
Front and rear brakesDisc braking on both endsDisc brake on both ends
Front and rear tires110/70 R17 M/C and 150/60 R17 M/C110/80 R19 and 150/70 R17
Wheelbase52.9 inches55.9 inches


Honda Engine

Let’s talk about the engine power and displacement in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS. The BMW nudges ahead of the Honda here because it can be 313cc. In comparison, the Honda is capable of 286cc displacement.

BMW is not only equipped with a bigger engine, but it has a slightly bigger fuel tank as well. Therefore, it adds a lot to the overall weight. Both bikes come with single-cylinder engines and have cooling systems. They are water-cooled in BMW and liquid-cooled in Honda.

Both these machines can deliver reliable performance at high speeds. However, the BMW is better in terms of speed while the Honda is better in handling. So, we can call it a tie between the two and allow you to choose the winner.


Now let’s talk about these rides’ weight in comparing Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS. The CB300R has a huge advantage over the G 310 GS because it is much lighter.

It means that maneuvering will be a lot easier on the Honda compared to the BMW. This is precisely why the 2021 CB300R is a top choice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable commuter for daily use.

It’s an excellent choice for most riders regardless of weight and height. On the other hand, the BMW is better for taller and heavier riders. Maneuvering, in this case, is good but not as good as what Honda has to offer. So, the winner of this rebound is Honda CB300R 2021.


It’s going to be another round in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS, and you can imagine how close both these rides are.

These machines come with slightly different types of suspensions. They work well according to the overall weight and dimensions of the respective bikes. Honda 2021 CB300R has upside-down telescopic forks on the front end and a mono-shock on the rear end.

This pair is a signature move by Honda because this is the set you will find on most of their bikes. And you are in for a highly comfortable bike that can handle rough terrain as well.

On the other hand, the BMW 2021 G 310 GS comes equipped with upside-down forks on the front end and a spring preloaded swingarm on the rear end. This bike is more prominent in size and is built for more speed. An adjustable swing arm suspension on the back is ideal for a more comfortable riding experience.


This round is tilted slightly in favor of Honda in the comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS. Both these bikes come with ergonomic design and are incredibly comfortable to ride. But due to the lightweight construction of the CB300R 2021, handling this bike is much easier.

The footrest and the handlebar are nicely positioned, and this bike can work well for shorter riders. This is slightly tougher in BMW’s ride because it’s a bit heavier.

This ride is better for taller and slightly bulkier people because of its huge size. So, Honda’s ride is more ergonomic than BMW’s.


Honda vs bmw motorcycle electronics

Now let’s talk about the electronics in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS. Both companies have equipped their bikes with numerous electronics for user convenience.

But you will notice that none of them contributes to their overall performance and speed. The unique feature of electronics is an anti-locking braking system.

It means both the rides will provide you with immense stopping power on the road. However, Honda is much better in terms of controls and handling than BMW because of its lighter weight and easier control.

In addition to that, both these machines come with self-starting electronic systems. So, you won’t have to do any kickstarting.


Both the machines are commuters, but they still look like roadsters. The companies have done a fine job creating their stylish designs.

However, BMW is way ahead of Honda with different finishes and trims according to your preferences. There are 3 to 4 options available. And you can customize your bike’s looks according to your choice.

On the other hand, the CB300R 2021 only comes in one color, and that is blue. If you are looking for black or white, you will have to go for the 2020 model. Therefore, the wonder of this round in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS is BMW.


This round is definitely in favor of the CB300R 2021 in comparing Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS. It comes with a total seating capacity for two. But the seat has dual stepped construction. This design is much better for both the rider and the passenger.

The G 310 GS 2021 also comes with two seating capacity, but the seat design is not that great. Sitting on it for long hours with a passenger is quite discomforting.

You will continue to feel that you are going to get blown away at some point. BMW has carried on with a similar seat design from the previous model, which is not cool.


The next factor in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS is price. And there is only a bit of difference between the two bikes. The BMW is the pricier with a bigger engine and more significant dynamics.

It is a commuter, but you can ride it as a roadster and generate a reasonable speed. On the other hand, the Honda CB300R 2021 can work some magic with speed, but it’s limited because it is better for excellent handling and maneuverability.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more specialized commuter motorbike, choose Honda CB300R. But if you like to ride with some speed, go with the BMW G 310 GS 2021.

Additional features

Both Honda and BMW have upgraded their rides from the previous year’s model and added several additional features. For instance, they are self-starting bikes and have an automatic headlight on (AHO) feature.

Both the machines also come with turn signals and pass lights with LED tail lamps. However, Honda has an LED headlamp along with a shift light as well.

These machines come with a digital tachometer, 2 digital trip meters, low battery, fuel and oil indicators, a digital fuel gauge, a standing alarm, an anti-lock braking system, a killswitch, a clock, and a digital speedometer. So, we will give it to Honda with a couple of added features in this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS.

Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS – The Similarities

Fuel and vehicle type

Both of them come with a similar vehicle type and fuel source as well. You can use them for running your daily errands, and they are great for commuting as well. But Honda is slightly ahead in terms of overall riding comfort and superior handling. BMW is built for taller and heavier people who like to zip along.

Braking system

Braking system

As we have mentioned above that both these machines are equipped with a similar braking system. They have an anti-locking braking system with disc fitting on the front and rear ends. Therefore, you can safely say that these machines are equipped with plenty of power to allow you to stop instantly.

This feature is critically important because you are riding on the streets. There are many obstacles and people around that you have to keep in mind during your ride. With the ABS disc braking system, these machines can stop on a dime.

Gearing system

The Honda CB300R is not far behind in terms of displacement if you compare it with BMW G 310 GS 2021. Hence, it is equipped with a similar gearing system that performs well when it comes to acceleration because the CB300R 2021 has a lighter weight.

They are equipped with a 6-gear manual chain drive gearing system that shifts smoothly and is highly responsive. There is no upgrade from the previous year’s model. Both brands have carried one with a similar gearing system to the previous model.

Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS – Pros & Cons

Honda CB300R 2021


  • Superior handling and maneuvering.
  • Better suited for shorter riders.
  • Quick to accelerate.


  • No color options available.

BMW G 310 GS 2021


  • Multiple finishes and trims are available.
  • Excellent speeds.
  • Good stopping power.


  • Not very comfortable to ride.


In this comparison of Honda CB300R Vs. BMW G 310 GS, the winner is Honda CB300R 2021 but only slightly. BMW focuses more on raw power and speedy accelerations, and Honda emphasizes riding comfort and smoother operations for day-to-day use. It’s an ideal choice for handling due to its weight with ease.

They have disc brakes and ample power to stop immediately. It goes down to personal preferences because BMW gives you a tad bit more speed and different color options. While Honda is much better in riding comfort and better handling. Both these commuters are extraordinary, with not much difference between them.

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