Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SRF Premium

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Vs. Zero SR/F Premium

Electric motorcycles have become a massive thing in recent years, with all the manufacturers focusing on building rides with reduced carbon emissions. These electric bikes only run-on renewable energy to ensure your ride doesn’t release any harmful greenhouse gases and pollute the environment. In this comparison of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium, we will see which one of these electric motorbikes comes out on top and crowns the best electric motorcycle.

More people are jumping on the bandwagon as these bikes are becoming quite affordable. Two of such bikes creating some vibes in the market are Harley-Davidson’s LiverWire and Zero SR/F Premium.

The LiveWire comes with a top speed of 110 miles an hour, while the Zero SR/F Premium tops out at 124 miles an hour. But there are so many other things to consider here as well, and in this guide, we will look at them one by one in detail.

So, let’s get on with it!

Industry History


Harley-Davidson is one of the most prestigious motorbike manufacturers in the world. The brand doesn’t need any introduction as it is world-renowned for its quality and performance. Moreover, the company is top-rated for its cruiser and touring bikes, but it has a long list of other bikes. It has recently introduced its electric bikes line with the same ride experience that Harley-Davidson is known for.


Zero Motorcycles is another American motorcycle manufacturer that specializes in electric bikes. It was formerly known as Electricross and started its operations in 2006. The company produces 100% electric-powered bikes designed for various riding purposes like motocross, dual-sport, and street racing.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium – An Overview

The LiveWire 2021

The LiveWire by Harley-Davidson is for riders who are looking for a new riding experience. It is equipped with instant acceleration and has HD’s sophisticated technology. It features an aggressive riding position with mid-mount foot controls. The bike also has a passenger seat and a good road clearance.

The Premium SR/F 2021

The Premium SR/F is all about effortless power and control. It has a lightweight design that looks very modern and reaches high speeds instantly. This bike also has an exceptionally ergonomic design which makes your riding experience an unforgettable one. It has an incredible stopping power with an increased feel on the lever.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesHarley-Davidson LiveWire 2021Zero SR/F Premium 2021
Fuel and vehicle typeElectric roadsterElectric roadster
Powerpack systemRechargeable Energy Storage SystemLi-Ion Intelligent Integrated
Maximum capacity15.5 kWh14.4 kWh
Charge time1 hour 100% charge2.5 hours 100% charge
Charger typeOnboard Level 1 charger and public Level 3 DC chargerLevel 1 integrated charger
Maximum power105 HP or 78 kW110 HP or 82 kW
Maximum torque116.6 Nm190 Nm
Seating type and capacityDual stepped, 2Dual stepped, 2
Weight549 lbs498 lbs
Gear transmissiontwist-and-go throttleClutchless direct drive
Front and rear suspensionBig Piston forks and mono-shockAdjustable Big Piston forks and adjustable Piston
Front and rear brakesMonoshock front and dual-piston rear4-piston callipers and single-piston calliper
Front and rear tire size120/70-17 and 180/55-17120/70-17 and 180/55-17
Wheelbase58.7 inches57.1 inches

Power system

Power system of Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Zero SRF Premium

The power pack on the LiveWire is a rechargeable energy storage system that can recharge in no time. You won’t have to wait for long hours to get back on your ride and zipping around.

The SR/F Premium, on the other hand, comes equipped with a more standard li-ion intelligent battery system that can charge to 100% in about two and a half hours as opposed to the 1-hour 0% to 100% charging of LiveWire.

The maximum capacity of the Premium is 14.4 kWh which is 1 kWh lesser than what the LiveWire has on it. And despite that, the Harley can charge way faster than the Zero. It can discharge at a slower rate, which is a significant advantage that LiverWire has over the Premium.

Therefore, LiveWire has a significant advantage over Premium because of its quick charging time, which is less than half of what Premium offers. Therefore, the winner of this round is LiveWire.


Now let’s talk about the overall weight of these rides in this comparison of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium. This one will indeed tilt in favor of the Premium because it is lighter than the LiveWire.

The Premium weighs in at around 498 lbs, while the LIveWire weighs around almost 550 lbs. Therefore, the Premium is way more manageable when it comes to handling than the LiverWire. It also means that the Premium is much more suitable for fast speeds, and for that reason, it is much faster than the LiveWire as well.

But faster speed also means that the bike is going to discharge at a quicker rate as well. And given the longer charging time of the Premium, the LiveWire gets the upper hand as it can discharge at a slower rate and can charge at a faster rate.

But it also has a bigger battery which also contributes towards the weight. Hence, you will have to compromise on manoeuvring and handling, especially if you are going at higher speeds.


Suspension of Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Zero SRF Premium

Let’s get to the suspension of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium. This round goes to the LiveWire because it is equipped with more responsive Big Piston separate functioning suspensions on the front and a mono-shock suspension with a balance-free cushion on the rear end.

This suspension system is more responsive as it can handle those bumps on the road. In general, you will be experiencing a comfortable ride whether you are going far or zipping around.

On the other hand, the Premium comes with Big position forks on the front end and a single-piston rear shock that also works well in handling those bumpy roads, but it is not as responsive as the system the LiveWire.

So, relatively, the LIveWire has the upper hand here. However, the entire focus on the Premium is super-fast speeds, and it’s not about providing the best-in-class riding comfort. Eventually, both these rides are targeting two different niches.


Ergonomic of Zero SRF Premium and Harley-Davidson LiveWire

This is another aspect of this comparison of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium, where the LiveWire edges ahead of the Premium because it is much more ergonomic handling. Still, in terms of manoeuvring, the Premium is slightly ahead.

The LiveWire comes with a ground clearance of 5.1 inches as opposed to 4.7 inches of the Premium. It means that the LiveWire can handle slightly rougher roads as well. Moreover, the LiveWire features a rake and trail of 24.5-degrees and 4.3 inches, respectively, compared to the 24.5 degrees rake and 3.7 inches.

So, steering would be easier on the LiveWire, but the Premium has a significant advantage in the overall weight because it is more than 50 lbs lighter than the LiveWire. Therefore, manoeuvring the Premium would be much easier as compared to the LiveWire.

We will tie this rebound between these two bikes because they both possess and lack essential features in overall bike handling and manoeuvring.


This will be another tie between these two bikes in this comparison of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium. They both come equipped with robust electronic systems to power your ride.

The LiveWire features a heavy-duty electric motor that is equipped with a low-maintenance powertrain. Apart from that, it also features high beam head and tail lamps along with indicator lights. Moreover, the bike boasts an anti-locking braking system and an EV fault detector and traction control.

Besides, this bike has a TFT color display with ambient light sensors, and there are nine different warning lights along with a real-time clock. The bike also has Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your smartphone to provide you with various infotainment features, including navigation, music, voice recognition, and telephone.

The Premium, on the other hand, also comes with all these features. It is also equipped with a powerful operating system named Cypher III to make your usage very simple and provide you with control over every aspect of your bike.

Looks and aesthetics

Looks of Zero SRF Premium and Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Both these machines are sleek-looking in terms of looks and aesthetics, and it comes down to your personal preference more than anything else. They both have a modern design, and you will experience a comfortable ride on both of them.

However, the LiveWire is slightly ahead because it comes in three colors, including whole black, orange fuse, and yellow fuse finishes. On the other hand, the Premium comes in a full black and light green hue.

The color options that the LiveWire has are much livelier for you to create a statement out there. At the same time, the Premium is all about speed and power.

Therefore, we will give more points to the LiveWire because of the color options and the stylish look. But still, your preferences may vary, so we will call it a draw here between these two bikes.


In terms of price, the Zero SR/F Premium has a clear advantage over the Harley Davidson Livewire because it costs much lower. If you are looking for performance and speed and want to go for a comparatively lesser-priced option, choose the Zero. But Harley Davidson is all about riding comfort combined with some serious road performance.

And of course, if you are more concerned about superior quality, then Harley Davidson should be your choice, and for that, you will have to prepare yourself for a bigger price tag. In terms of price, Zero is the clear winner, but Harley Davidson is miles ahead in terms of value.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium – The Similarities

Both Harley Davidson LiveWire and Zero SR/F Premium cater to different niches. The LiveWire is designed for a more comfortable ride and offers far superior battery charging and discharging capabilities. On the other hand, the Premium is much more suitable for faster rides with better handling. But they both still have some similarities. Here are a few to mention.

Fuel and vehicle type

Both the LiveWire and the Premium are electric roadsters that are built for speed and superior handling. They both come with very powerful battery packs that can deliver extraordinary torque and a highly responsive throttle with robust braking systems in place.

Seating type and capacity

They both come with a dual-stepped seating design. But the LiveWire has much more comfortable seating than the Premium because the latter has a tiny back seat that might be only suitable for skinny passengers.

Gearing system

Both these machines are equipped with fully automatic gearing systems. You don’t need to worry about clutches or gears at all here because they both come with twist-and-throttle direct-drive systems. You can speed up and down according to your needs and don’t need to deal with any shifting issues.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium – Pros & Cons

Harley-Davidson LiveWire 2021


  • Superior road grip.
  • Excellent ride comfort.
  • Battery charging and discharging rates are phenomenal.
  • Three different color options are available.


  • It’s a heavy motorbike.

Zero SR/F Premium 2021


  • Lightweight and sleek design.
  • Built for speeds.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Superior stopping power.


  • Weaker ride comfort.


The winner of this match-up between Harley-Davidson LiverWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium is the LiverWire because of its better riding, comfortable, and much easier steering. This bike is ideal for longer rides, thanks to its quick charging times and slow discharging rates.

It can conveniently connect with your smartphone for infotainment and makes your ride even better. It can also manage fast speeds and comes equipped with excellent stopping power. And the best part is that it comes in three different finishes.

You are getting the quality that Harley-Davidson is known for, but for that, you have to pay a more significant price, especially if you compare it with the likes of Zero SR/F Premium. But the bike truly delivers what you expect when it comes to value for money.

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