Electric Motorcycle vs Gas Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle Vs. Gas Motorcycle – Which One Is Better

Modern-day electric bikes have kindled the electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle debate among riders. Electric motorcycles are incredibly lightweight and user-friendly. In contrast, gas motorcycles are more powerful and can accelerate at faster speeds. No matter what you prefer, they have their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric motorcycles are making a comeback with long-lasting battery backups. Many people are warming up to this type of fuel source to reduce the carbon footprint. But there is more about this comparison than just the carbon emissions.

We’ll compare electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle and see which one comes on top.

Let’s get started.

Comparison Chart

Electric MotorcyclesGas Motorcycles
Low carbon footprint and less pollution.More greenhouse gas emissions and more pollution.
Very user-friendly and highly safe to operate.Less user-friendly and less safe to ride.
Stress-free riding with no involvement of clutches. No worrying about gas or oil either.Plenty of clutch involvement, and you also have to take care of oil and gas.
Very expensive as compared to gas motorcycles. Less expensive as compared to electric motorcycles.
A limited driving range.Suitable for long road trips.
Not very long battery life, but the refueling or recharging time is pretty long.Refueling doesn’t take much time, and it takes a while to empty the tank.
A bit slow to accelerate, and suspension is not that great.Far better acceleration and suspension.
Resale value is not that great.Excellent resale value as you will always find a buyer of a gas motorcycle.
Lighter than gas motorcycles and easier maneuvering.Heavier than electric motorcycles.
No need to visit the mechanic.Regular maintenance is mandatory whether you do it yourself or with professional assistance.

Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Motorcycle – The Comparison

Advantages of an electric motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle

1.    Environmentally friendly

This is a huge benefit that an electric motorcycle has over gas motorbikes. With electric power, this bike can significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. The result is reduced air pollution as well as limited global warming effects. The manufacturers look for cheaper and greener ways to produce electricity and power the bikes. In this way, the overall carbon impact will significantly reduce.

2.    User-friendly and safe

These electric motorcycles are fun to ride for people of all ages. There are various safety features when you are riding a bike. Elder adults and females can conveniently ride these bikes. The operation is simple, and it is not much you have to do here.

3.    Stress-free riding

These electric bikes come with different safety features to ride conveniently. You won’t need to think about the gears and the clutch.

The only thing you have to do is balance the bike and control its steering while riding. Even you don’t have to worry about the oils or gas of your bike.

Disadvantages of an electric motorcycle

1.    Costly

As these electric bikes are new to the world, they are still quite expensive than their gas counterparts. Plus, your electric power utility bills will increase. Moreover, these motorcycles are costly when it comes to accessories and rechargeable batteries.

2.    Limited driving range

This is another one of the primary disadvantages of these electric bikes as they come with a limited driving range. And to add to that, these bikes have long refueling times (recharging times). Therefore, these rides are not suitable for a long road trip.

3.    Very limited battery life

These bikes have a limited driving range. You will have to recharge your ride before it’s on the road. But the charging time is slow. Most of these bikes come with maintenance-free batteries and minimal life.

If you use your bike more frequently, the battery will die rapidly. Plus, you will have to keep an eye on charging to avoid overcharging the batteries. Because it might lead to permanent damage, and your batteries won’t function properly.

Advantages of a gas motorcycle

Gas Motorcycle

1.    Quicker

Gas motorcycles are better than electric bikes in terms of acceleration. And they can zip through faster. Not only is the acceleration fast, but the suspension system works equally well. You can ride on your long road trips with these gas motorcycles without any problems. It also feels more robust under you, as if you are riding something authentic.

2.    Better resale value

Another prominent feature is, they come with a great resale value. You will easily find a buyer of a gas motorcycle. But the same cannot be said for electric motorcycles. Its resale value is much higher than its electric counterpart. And if you have maintained your bike well, you can have a reasonable market price.

3.    Cheaper initial investment

The initial investment of a gas motorcycle is always lower than an electric motorcycle. Plus, maintenance is cheaper than electric bikes. You can pump it full with gas anytime you want. And this won’t influence your electric bill at all.

Disadvantages of gas motorcycles

1.    Heavy

These gas motorcycles are heavy even though they are available in all shapes and sizes. But not everyone can easily pull a gas motorcycle. You will have to exert some force to move it around. Moreover, you need some concentration, strength, and skills to maneuver this model.

2.    Maintenance

The most significant disadvantage of a gas motorcycle is its maintenance. You can either do it on your own or go with a private mechanic or an authorized dealer. But all these options will cost you some money. This is something you will have to go through if you own a gas motorcycle.

3.    Pollution

Another huge disadvantage of a gas motorcycle is its huge carbon footprint. Many studies have shown that it has the worst emissions. The chemicals in the fuel have very bad effects on humans. These chemicals are hazardous and can cause illness in your body.


Can I ride an electric motorcycle in the rain?

Yes, riding an electric motorcycle in the rain should be fine. But check with your bike’s manufacturer first to make sure it is rated for use in the rain because not all models are rated for use in the rain.

Are electric motorcycles cheaper to run than gas motorcycles?

Electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle is cheaper but in the long run. This is because electricity is cheaper than gas or any other fuel.

Electric motorcycles do cost a lot, but they cover the experience with cheaper recharge costs. You will only have to deal with an expensive battery replacement once in a long while. And that is not the case with a gas motorcycle.

Gas motorcycles might be cheaper upfront, but fuels are always costlier. Plus, you will have to go to a mechanic regularly for routine repairs and maintenance. So, ultimately, electric motorcycles have an advantage here.

Are electric motorcycles suitable for all riders?

Electric motorcycles are suitable for all kinds of riders, even those who have no experience of riding a bike before. There are various safety features installed in these bikes. Youngsters, elders, and women can conveniently ride these bikes.

Which type is better for longer trips and a better riding experience?

For a better riding experience and longer trips, gas motorcycles are way better than electric ones. These bikes can accelerate very well with a brilliant suspension system. It makes the ride a lot more comfortable than the electric bikes.

Electric bikes are better suited for shorter trips and don’t have much riding experience under your belt. But if you know how to ride a bike then gas motorcycles are miles ahead of their electric counterparts.

Are electric motorcycles good for beginners?

It’s a great way to ride a bike as a beginner because you don’t have to shift any gears. All you have to do is press the acceleration and run errands around the suburbs.

How long do electric motorcycles last?

Electric motorcycles motor generally lasts about 10,000 miles. You’d probably be replacing tires, brake pads, chains, and the battery before the motor.


In this comparison of electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle, we would say it’s a draw because they both have their pros and cons.

Anyone can ride them even if they don’t have any riding experience. These Bikes are straightforward to maneuver. You will only have to maintain a balance on them to ride them. These bikes come with plenty of safety features as well.

However, they are better suited for shorter trips. Recharging them takes time, and the battery discharges quickly. Additionally, they require proper road conditions because riding them off-road will consume the battery faster.

On the other hand, gas motorcycles are powerful with better suspension. You can also use them in off-road conditions up to some extent. While some models are specifically designed for off-road conditions, refueling these bikes is not a problem and is suitable for long road trips. Apart from that, they also come with better resale value.

But they are heavy, and you need to have some riding experience to control them properly. These bikes are not very user-friendly. And they also need plenty of maintenance over time.

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