Are Motorcycles Safe For Women

If you think the year 2020 was all about lockdown life and covid vaccines, then you are wrong. This notorious year will be remembered by many for celebrating and recognizing the rise of women motorcyclists, too. But first, we need to answer the most frequently asked question and that is “are motorcycles safe for women?”

For a long time, we have been seeing women excelling in roles outside their homes by being hardworking CEOs, efficient leaders, smart scientists, and much more. And now we are seeing women making records in this field that was previously dominated by men.

In 2009, only 9% of women rode motorcycles whereas a recent survey shows that 20% of motorcycle riders are women. What is more surprising is the fact that younger women are more inclined towards this mode of transport for example 26% of millennial women own a motorcycle and among the Gen X  group, 22% of women are motorcyclists

Unfortunately, many women still hesitate from being a part of the growing female motorcyclist population. The first question that pops up in the mind of every potential female motorcyclist is, are motorcycles safe for women. This question is legitimate for all the right reasons, however, instead of treating it as a hurdle, we would suggest that you find out its answer.

Luckily you don’t have to look further anymore to get the right answers-the following post will put an end to all of your female motorcycle safety concerns. 

Common Safety Concerns For Female Motorcycle Riders

Fear of Harassment

What makes motorcycle riding unattractive for many women is the fact that it can open doors to unwanted attention and harassment. When you are riding a motorcycle, you are on your own without the protection of a covering structure like a car. 

On one hand, this aspect sounds thrilling and exciting but on the other hand, it can keep you feeling confused and worried about with the are motorcycles safe for women question. There could be many reasons for the on-road harassment and catcalling behavior. 

In 1930, Bessie Stringfield became the first woman to travel across USA on a motorcycle. From then till now, motorcycling has been a journey of breaking stereotypes for women. The negative perceptions people have ascribed for female riders play a great role in making women subjects of such behavior.

The fear of harassment plays out differently for every woman. Some women avoid motorcycles altogether, whereas others only prefer to use them only for recreational purposes.

For daily and regular use, women still like to travel by car or public transport. Very few women are brave enough to venture into unknown areas on bikes and even those who do it, do so with a partner.  

Some countries and cultures of South Asia and the Middle East are known for not being the most open-minded when it comes to female bike riders. Luckily in the US, people have finally come to terms with this change. Lots of brands and companies are now promoting female motorcyclists, still, there is a long way to go. 

Lack of Suitable Gear

The adrenaline one experiences with this two-wheel vehicle make it fun but, at the end of the day, riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. The only way to have a safe bike ride is by following all the required protocols.

Wearing the right gear tops the list of safety instructions for every bike rider. Men are at an advantage over here as well because most companies and brands still manufacture bike equipment for male bike riders. 

The lack of diversity and variety in the motorcycle gear options acts as a red flag for women who plan to step into this new field. Because of this factor, most women just prefer to stick to driving a regular car and hence, avoid the trouble of searching tirelessly for the perfect motorbike gear. 

Tips For Riding A Motorcycle Safely

As a new female motorcyclist, you might feel a little jittery about your first ride or you might even feel overwhelmed with the are motorcycles safe for women question. 

 Before you give up on this exciting new journey, read the following tips and learn how you can have a more safe and secure bike ride:

Check Your Motorcycle

Before hopping on your vehicle, it would be better if you perform the following checks so that you can have a smooth ride:

Tires: check the tires of the motorcycle and inspect them clearly so you don’t miss any cracks, bulges, or signs of strong impact on them. Do look under the motorcycle as well so that if there are any oil or gas leaks then you can get those fixed beforehand. 

Lights and Horns: the lights and horns will act as your eyes and ears while riding hence it is important for them to be in good condition. Make sure that the headlight and taillight are working properly and do test their performance on high beam and low beam.

Don’t forget to check the horn as well. Additionally, you should also clean the side mirrors and if necessary then you can slightly adjust their position according to your needs. 

Brakes, Clutch and Throttle: Brakes are the most crucial feature of any bike and are super important for your safety hence you should check them. If after testing, the front and rear brakes feel firm then it means they are working fine and they can balance your vehicle. Do run a check test on the clutch and throttle. 

Ride With The Right Gear

Put on your best riding dress and shoes to have a safe motorcycle ride. Don’t wear loose clothes as they will distract you and will be difficult to manage while riding a bike. Make sure to wear a helmet as it will safeguard you against serious head injuries.

Remember that without a helmet, a rider is more prone to getting a head injury. Keep in mind that wearing jeans, shorts, and t-shirts for a bike ride is not a smart choice. You should go for well-designed, comfortable motorbike gear. Luckily you can get women motorbike gear now in online stores.

Stay Focused

Whether it is your first time riding or whether you have done it too many times, either way, you should always drive your bike with a clear head. Don’t make the mistake of driving while being drunk as you are putting your own life and other people’s life at risk.

Be careful while riding on rough surfaces. Always signal before changing your direction. Keep the bike’s headlights on and avoid getting in another driver’s blind spot. 

Final Verdict

Technically, there are no issues if a woman rides a motorcycle. Generally, most motorcycles have such a structure and design that they can accommodate both male and female riders. Interestingly, women riders have scored another plus point for themselves by being more careful and cautious riders than men. 

Yes, there are some stereotypes regarding the concept of women riding bikes-however, many female riders have successfully changed these dynamics through courage and bravery and you can do the same! 

Now that you know have solved the are motorcycles safe for women dilemma, just head outside, get on your bike and start your new journey. You can also check out this video below before deciding on your motorcycle type. Happy riding!

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